Civic & Community Engagement

The Community & Civic Engagement Committee provides opportunities for members to engage with the community through service and civic responsibility. This occurs through regular community service opportunities, voter education and engagement activities, advocating for policies that increase the quality of life for young professionals in Erie, and learning about different areas of Erie through engaging with those communities. Their primary responsibility is to coordinator service opportunties, increase voters in the 21-40 year old age bracket, and increase young leaders in local and state government.

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Ashlyn  Kelly
Ashlyn Kelly
Civic & Community Engagement

News & Announcements

This committee meeting the first Wednesday of every month at 5:30 via Zoom.  Email for more information or click "join our committee" above to be connected.

Looking for YEP members to volunteer for your next event? Please click the button above or email us at for more information regarding the process.


Here are some of the ways our YEP members connect with the Erie community.

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Check out the ways our members are working with the community!

Community Engagement

Thank you for your interest in including members of Young Erie Professionals (YEP) in your volunteer opportunity! YEP's Community & Civic Engagement Committee reviews project submissions on a quarterly basis and chooses one project from those submitted in which to engage our members. If your project is not chosen, we will still share your opportunity with our members, though we cannot guarantee YEP member involvement.

*Submitted projects must align with the YEP mission and goals:

YEP Mission: Young Erie Professionals provides opportunities for its members to develop professionally and participate in the community while connecting, attracting, and retaining young talent.

YEP Goals:

  • Influence/advocate in the community
  • Educate members
  • Provide a network
  • Increase membership

Please note: All submissions require a YEP member sponsor. The YEP Sponsor ensures your project aligns with YEP's mission and goals and acts as the project liaison. We encourage you to submit your project prior to the deadline listed.

Quarters & deadlines:

  • Quarter 1: October 1 - December 31 *Deadline - September 1
  • Quarter 2: January 1 - March 31 *Deadline - December 1
  • Quarter 3: April 1 - June 30 *Deadline - March 1
  • Quarter 4: July 1 - September 30 *Deadline - June 1

Please contact with any questions or concerns about this process.