About: Executive Committee

The Young Erie Professionals Executive Committee is comprised of our President & Chairperson along with three Vice Presidents who are tasked with overseeing the strategic direction of our program.  The YEP Executive Committee meets quarterly to ensure the program is achieving its goals and outcomes, conducts annual strategic planning, and oversees the work of YEP committees.  Members of the Executive Committee must be current YEP members and agree to the terms of their appointment.

President & Chairperson (2 year term)

  • Works directly with YEP Program Manager to implement program activities
  • Serves on ERCGP board

VP of Internal Relations (1 year term)

  • Oversees Membership Engagement and Personal & Professional Development Chairs
  • Serves as secretary for board

VP of External Relations (1 year term)

  • Oversees Civic & Community Engagement and Business Engagement Chairs
  • Secures PR opportunities for program

VP of Development (1 year term)

  • Oversees the 40 under 40 Committee Chair and Young Early Philanthropists Chair
  • Secures sponsorship and fundraising opportunities for program


In order to apply, please complete the Executive Committee Application.  Once completed, a member of the executive committee will reach out to you. Applications will be accepted from July to September each year. 

Nomination Process:

Current members of the executive committee will be asked to screen interested candidates and narrow each opening down to 2-3 candidates. These candidates will then be voted on by current YEP members.  To sit on the executive committee, the elected individual will have to be a YEP member. If they are not but are determined to be the ideal candidate for the position, current YEP staff and executive team members will work to bring that person into membership.

Apply for the Executive Committee