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The Small Business Committee is comprised of aspiring young entrepreneurs who believe that Erie offers significant business opportunities, but also recognize that growth can be accelerated by collaboration as a community of peers. The committee is responsible for engaging YEP members in entrepreneurial awareness and training in the creation and operation of successful small businesses.


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Sean  Fedorko
Sean Fedorko
Adam  Williams
Adam Williams

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Our Small Business Committee applies the following tools for members learning how to start a business.

Membership-based office space for entrepreneurs to share resources and enjoy one another's company.
A state-funded organization providing free or low-cost consulting services to any small business that requests them.
A 9-week small business training course that provides very early stage assistance to a cohort of new (or potential) entrepreneurs.
An open-lab for tinkering and early stage R&D on physical products. Classes are offered for all available equipment.
A shared work and production space for early-stage R&D and production of physical products. It also provides business development assistance.
A monthly meetup exclusively for entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs to have candid conversations and engage in peer-to-peer mentoring.