Business Engagement

The Business Engagement Committee works with local businesses and organizations to secure meaningful career opportunities for young professionals moving to and living in Erie. This occurs through forming strategic partnerships with executive leadership and human resource departments within Erie, identifying life sustaining opportunities within Erie's 6 key industries for economic growth, and helping businesses and organizations identify ways to engage and retain their young talent. Their primary responsibility is help YEP develop strategic business partners, increase young professionals holding life sustaining jobs in Erie, and elevate Young Professionals to positions of influence in our community.


Ben  Helkowski
Ben Helkowski
Business Engagement
Ashley   Mulryan
Ashley Mulryan
Business Engagement

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Check out these local resources for businesses.

Membership-based office space for entrepreneurs to share resources and enjoy one another's company.
A state-funded organization providing free or low-cost consulting services to any small business that requests them.
A 9-week small business training course that provides very early stage assistance to a cohort of new (or potential) entrepreneurs.
An open-lab for tinkering and early stage R&D on physical products. Classes are offered for all available equipment.
A shared work and production space for early-stage R&D and production of physical products. It also provides business development assistance.
A monthly meetup exclusively for entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs to have candid conversations and engage in peer-to-peer mentoring.