August 2019 Spotlight Member of the Month: Zechariah Ring

July 31st, 2019, 11:00 PM

august 2019 member spotlight: zechariah ring

Zechariah Ring, a Realtor at Agresti Real Estate, moved to Erie 3 years ago with his wife for her job at UPMC Hamot.  Zechariah grew up on a 700 cow dairy farm in Pierpont, Ohio which makes him particularly suited to selling rural/farm properties.  Zechariah, his wife and their soon to be newborn currently live in Millcreek Township. Zechariah is an active member of the YEP Civic & Community Engagement Committee.

We interviewed Zechariah about what it's like to be a realtor, how he makes the most of his YEP membership, and what he loves about Erie.

YEP: How did you get into realty?  What's it like working with the Agresti team?

ZR: I became interested in real estate though a podcast called Bigger Pockets while learning about real estate investing. I realized that one of the best ways to learn about the real estate market is to become a Realtor myself.  Working with the Agresti team is absolutely amazing!  It's like a big family.  Agresti helps their new agents immensely and they always have experienced agents to help when difficult situations arise. Agresti is also a very tech savvy group, which is great for me as a younger agent.

YEP: What has been the most beneficial part of joining YEP for you?

ZR: The networking opportunity is probably the most important to me.  I only grew up 45 minutes away, but I got here and realized I didn't know anyone.  YEP gave me the opportunity to meet people doing amazing things in Erie.

YEP: Aside from work and YEP, how else do you spend your time?  

ZR: In my spare time, if the weather is good I really enjoy getting outdoors for some hiking, kayaking, or skiing.  Family is important, so my wife and I spend a lot of time visiting family and friends whenever we can. If programming can be a hobby, I really enjoy learning to build websites. If nothing else is going on I also enjoy playing video games.

YEP: What about Erie excites you the most at this moment?

ZR: The general positivity and opportunity in Erie right now is amazing.  It feels like we are transitioning to a new era of sorts and there is lots of opportunity in times like these.

Thank you, Zechariah, for your continued commitment to YEP and for being a champion for Erie!

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