June 2019 Spotlight Member of the Month: Robert Chandler

June 3rd, 2019, 10:00 AM

This month's YEP Spotlight Member is Robert Chandler. Rob is passionate about everything health and fitness related and loves sharing his knowledge with others. Rob is a physician currently transitioning from family medicine to urgent care. In his personal time, Rob enjoys martial arts and is training in tae kwon do, Brazilian ju jitzu, and others. He has completed the Akron marathon, Beast on the Bay, a Spartan obstacle course sprint race, and is currently doing CrossFit in his basement in his free time. Catch up with Rob at a Member & Business Engagement Meeting or hear him play with his band, Malpractice, this summer.

We asked Rob about working, living, and playing in Erie as a young professional.

YEP: What do you do professionally, Rob?

RC: I'm a family physician. I went to medical school at LECOM then did my residency at Millcreek community hospital. I joined UPMC Hamot which is where I've worked for the last 8 years. School came easy to me early on so I wanted to do something that was a challenge--this was medical school. Lately, I'm very interested in learning how businesses work and seeing what value I can add to other peoples projects. I would say I have entrepreneurial ideas or tendencies.

YEP: Aside from YEP, what are some other ways you connect with Erie and other professionals?

RC: I'm very active with my church, Grace Church. I play drums on the worship team and I lead a small bible study group. I also play in a rock cover band with a few other physicians, our name is "Malpractice". We play at venues around town such as block parties, 8 Great Tuesdays, and local bars.

YEP: Why did you choose to join YEP? What do you feel has been the greatest benefit?

RC: I joined YEP to network with young professionals like myself that are motivated to partner together to help each other out. I think having committees that serve different purposes is the greatest benefit YEP provides.

YEP: What does your perfect Erie day look like?

RC: It would be summer and the weather would be really hot. I'd start the day doing something with my wife and kids. Maybe hiking in Asbury Woods or going to Waldameer. I'd take a nap in the afternoon then have a fancy social event to attend in the evening.

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