March 2019 Spotlight Member of the Month: Miranda Melquist

March 4th, 2019, 10:00 AM

Miranda is an Erie native who holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and a Master's of Social Work from Edinboro University. Over the past ten years, Miranda has worked with families and youth in the community in different social work roles. Miranda currently provides counseling at Nurturinse. She specializes in Perinatal Mental Health, including postpartum depression anxiety, parenting stressors, and infertility. Currently, she is working towards a Certification in Perinatal Mental Health. She is a member of Post Partum Support International. Miranda is also trained in mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy. She is an Erie Ambassador graduate and was co-chair of the second cohort of Athena Circle of Trust during the initial year. Outside of her work, she stays busy spending time with her husband, their three young boys, and dogs.

We asked Miranda to share more about her work, YEP, and life in Erie.

YEP: What led to your decision to follow your line of work?

MM: Since I was young, I knew I wanted to be a social worker and help people. I find myself connecting emotionally with so many people. It was a natural course for me. Of course, I am a mom of three and have experienced motherhood in a way I know I can use to help others. For years I worked with youth and their families. I kept finding myself connecting with the mothers and loved working with them--not only around helping their child, but for themselves and their identity too. These moms carry so much responsibility, worry, and love and they really can use all the support in the world. They might not even consider needing support because they are so busy supporting everyone they love.

YEP: Why did you choose to join YEP? What do you feel has been the greatest benefit?

MM: I choose YEP because it is a great way to meet other liked minded professionals who are investing in Erie-land help build our community.

YEP: Tell us what a perfect Erie day would look like for you?

MM: I would start with maybe coffee and breakfast somewhere yummy before a walk or bike ride around the PI. Spending time on the water or at the beach with my husband and boys getting some sun and being warm! Lunch and ice cream at Sara's! Putting the kids to sleep and getting a babysitter then sneaking out with my husband Dennis to do something fun, see some live music enjoy some drinks and relax.

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