May 2019 Spotlight Member of the Month: Angela Price

May 6th, 2019, 10:00 AM

Angela Price, a returning Edinboro and Gannon Graduate, is the regional manager and senior scientist for e Phase, Inc. Angela graduated and moved to the Philadelphia suburbs 14 years ago to follow her career path which eventually led her back to Erie. While in southeast Pennsylvania, Angela had many career experiences including being a quality assurance manager in the incident command center for the 2010 BP Oil Spill. Angela, her husband, and two rambunctious boys reside in Millcreek Township.

We asked Angela about working, living, and playing in Erie as a young professional.

YEP: Tell us about e Phase, Inc. What exactly is it you do?

AP: e Phase, Inc. specializes in environmental property assessments specifically associated with property transactions. I have been in the environmental field since I graduated from Gannon in 2005 conducting full scope environmental services. The more I was involved in typical full scope service companies, the more I felt I didn't quite fit into the day to day expectations of a standard office setting. However, my main reason for switching my focus to environmental property assessments is because I wanted to help clients uncover environmental liability before they purchased a property and not after they discovered the problem and were obligated to fix it. e Phase was started 20 years ago by a woman who wanted better for herself and the industry we work in which was exactly the type of team I wanted to be a part of and joined three years ago.

YEP: Aside from YEP, what are some other ways you connect with Erie and other professionals?

AP: I am a member at Radius CoWork, attend Chamber events, support ATHENA Erie, and get out to as many professional and family-friendly events I can. I enjoy being active in the community and support Meals on Wheels as a weekly delivery driver.

YEP: Why did you choose to join YEP? What do you feel has been the greatest benefit?

AP: I moved back to Erie this past August to open a regional office of my company. I joined YEP as a way to meet other young professionals and get up to speed on what is going on in Erie. I have been able to meet so many people in such a wide variety of professions, some of which have been great business development contacts and some have been great social contacts.

YEP: What does your perfect Erie day look like?

AP: It would be a sunny day in June when the weather is just perfect! My husband, two young boys, and I would go to the zoo in the morning to enjoy the start of the day. We would then have a picnic lunch and some play time at Glenwood Park. It would then be time to go home and relax for a bit while my youngest naps (you did say perfect day right?). My evening would definitely consist of my favorite babysitters--grandma and grandpa--watching my boys so my husband and I can go downtown to listen to some music while enjoying some local brews with friends. There is so much to do here and I am still discovering all the possibilities! I am very much looking forward to the festivals in the region as the weather gets warmer.

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