about yep!

About YEP!

Young Erie Professionals is an organization comprised of young, active, civic-minded professionals committed to making Erie, PA a better place to live, work and play.


The vision of Young Erie Professionals (yep!) is to empower, engage and connect young professionals, civic and corporate leaders and community service agencies. As part of our collaborative effort, yep! fuels the reinvention of the Erie Region as a progressive, creative and stable economic force for the 21st century.

With over 30,000 people in our age demographic in Northwest PA and 1,000 members of yep!, we have an obligation to affect change in our region and seek answers to long-standing problems in our region. To this end, Young Erie Professionals strongly encourages its members to be actively engaged in civic decisions since our demographic will be most impacted by the decisions made today. We promote engagement in these issues by publicizing them in our e-newsletters and web site, word-of-mouth networking, and organized speaker series events.

Finally, yep! believes that the more we can unite and work together for the greater well-being of our residents, the greater impact we can make for younger generations.


Young Erie Professionals is an organization dedicated to providing its members the opportunity to network professionally with their peers while actively participating in their community and region, with the goal of attracting, retaining and supporting young talent in the local workforce.


Young Erie Professionals will strive to become recognized as the leading local resource for: